A Full Stack Web Developer.

Here to help your business grow in a digital world.

We create eye-catching, functional and efficient websites and web apps.

Whether you are looking to start an online business, bring a current business to the world wide web or whatever your needs, we can help bring your business success in a ever changing digital world.

Web design and development
Here at PinnaclePixel we design your website and hand-code it from the ground up. Offering you a tailor-made and unique website.
User experience
A functional, easy to use website is key in today's digital world. We make sure your website doesn't lose customers due to bad user experience.
Modern and up-to-date
We make sure your website makes use of the very current web tech, standards and tools making you stay a head of the competition.
Design process
We work closesly with you during every step of the way - with open communication and feedback from you, assuring that we create the perfect website for your business.
Firstly we get to know your business, goals and target audience. We learn about your requirements and what you are trying to achieve.
Once we have a good understanding of your business, we then go ahead and plan the best way to layout your website, it's visuals and how it will work across different devices.
When you are satisfied with everything we will then proceed to build your website. Keeping you well informed every step of the way.
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About PinnaclePixel

My name is Jonathan Evans, a freelance web-designer from Merthyr Tydfil, in South Wales. Since 2012, I have worked on a number of web-design and development projects. Projects have ranged from out-sourced work which has included doing various back-end coding work to website maintenance, designing web-pages and setting up web-sites on hosting servers. I have also created a number of tailor-made websites for small businesses, all designed and built from the ground up.

I usually work from scratch writing code using PHP and HTML/CSS, so you won’t find me using pre-made management systems such as WordPres, as I find the hand written coding approach much more flexible. I have experience with PHP, MySQL and HTML/CSS.

If you would like to work with me, I would be happy to hear from you. You can contact me below.

Skills and experience

With over 7 years experience in building websites and web apps. All of the projects I work on are coded using the following languages:


Why work with me?

All of my work is hand-coded from the ground up, giving you a tailor made experience that suits your requirements.
You are regularly kept up-to-date on the progress of the ongoing project via a personal login panel.
I never leave a project unfinished until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.
I will assist you with any help and support after your website is up and running.

Web design and development


Whether you are looking for a brand new website or looking to refresh an existing one. PinnaclePixel offers cost effective solutions whatever your requirements may be. With over 7 years experience in creating websites from simple one page websites to more complex websites, we have you covered.

All of our work is custom coded and tailor-made around your particular needs meaning you can be sure that your website is unique and accurately reflects your own individual business, and also to help it stand out from the crowd and your competitors.

Our services include:

  • E-commerce / shopping cart
  • If you are looking to sell a product or service online. Whether it be a physical or digital product. We can help with building every aspect of this - with the front-end shopping cart, a secure payment processor, and the back-end where you manage your products.
  • Branding / logo design
  • We can help with creating a consistent brand identity across all your commmunication tools.
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • A CMS allows you to manage your website without any coding knowledge. We create user-friendly content management systems that allow website admins to easily edit, update or add to their website.
  • Responsive design
  • All of our websites are responsive at no extra cost. Meaning your website will be easy to use on all devices.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • SEO is a technique used to help your website to be more successful in search page rankings. Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithm for how they rank pages. We use up to date techniques to help improve your websites page ranking.
  • E-mail marketing
  • If you are looking to e-mail your customers on a regular basis we can help with this. From designing eye-catching newsletters or e-mail templates to helping you set up a e-mailing system where you can manage all of this.
  • Website support
  • This includes helping you to set up a website on to a hosting server, or moving a website from one hosting server to another, or perhaps you would like to set up a SSL certificate for your website. Whatever you need help with we can help.

User experience


When designing a website the key principle we take in to mind is the user experience. This basically means how easy or pleasing it is for a user to use a particular website. A website with bad user experience will more often than not drive the customer away, so we feel it is of the utmost importance that your customers get a good experience while visiting your website.

To achieve this we use a combination of design and coding techniques. We want your website to be aesthetically pleasing while remaining easy to navigate and understand – on all devices.

Below are the main factors we take in to account when we design a website around user experience (UX):

  • Usefulness and usability
  • How engaging the website is to its users and how well it conveys the message it is trying to communicate or the service it is trying to offer. Besides creating a website that is visually attractive, we make sure the website is also user-friendly. We make sure that the customer understands how to navigate and operate a website, only then will they be able to engage with the information and the features that the website offers.
  • Brand identity
  • Every company needs a brand identity; including small businesses. A brand identitly goes a long with helping you stand out - and most of all it gives your business reputation and credibility. It's important to us to create a website around your brand image, that reflects your brand identity. From typography, colours, shapes and photography. We make sure your website represents your business the right way.
  • Accessibility
  • Not everyone accesses the internet in the same way. There are different resolutions, display sizes from monitors to smart phones, and interaction methods differ, from keyboards and touch-screens. Whatever device your customers may be using to access your website, we make sure that their experience is always a easy and pleasant one.
  • Interaction
  • The way your customer interacts with your website is important. One of the main reasons a customer may leave a website without achieving the goal you set is usually down to the inability to establish an instant connection, not only due to poor navigation or difficulty in finding what they were looking for - but also the lack of ease in which they complete tasks. We make interacting with your website a pleasant and easy experience.

Modern technologies


The world wide web is not only growing all of the time, it is changing all of the time, and so are the various ways your customers are accessing the web and the different types of devices that are used to view the web. This is why all of our work is coded and desigined using the most current technologies, techniques and web standards. You can rest assured that you will be ahead of the game.

Here at PinnaclePixel we make sure that your website will be optimised to take on the most demanding screen resolutions, and be highly accessible on all devices.

We also use the most up to date security and coding techniques that, if needed, will give your website that little extra security and make it run that little bit better. If you aren't that web-savvy, no worries - we can advise you on what your website may or may not need when it comes to stuff like security.